CLEAR MESSENGER allows you to CLEAR a message from your device and from all recipients instantly by simply double-tapping it. When a CLEAR message recipient views a message, they are essentially looking through a portal to the message's point of origin. This means that a CLEAR message is never cached on a recipients’ device and, thus, no hacker will ever be able to access it later.

CLEAR MESSENGER does not save deleted messages. When the message sender deletes a message, it is deleted from the world permanently.

CLEAR MESSENGER uses an advanced, constantly changing, encryption technique that prohibits any person or organization from covertly spying or eavesdropping on messages. CLEAR is the ultimate private messenger. CLEAR Messenger allows you to communicate without divulging your phone number—and to make private secure Clear calls without concern about eavesdropping or call records.

CLEAR MESSENGER features work on the nearly all Apple and Android devices wherever you have access to a Wi-Fi or data connection. Where it is legal, you can make a CLEAR call from an airplane to the ground, a ship to the shore or to someone with a poor cellular connection but access to Wi-Fi. And, you can access your CLEAR messages from any device, so you don’t have to worry about losing messages when you upgrade devices or change wireless carriers.

The only SECURE messaging app you will ever need.


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Why CLEAR is the perfect tool to take control of your messages